Master’s Message January 2017


Brothers, last night, January 3, 2017 was my first night as Master of Salem Lodge 289 and the first Stated Communication of 2017. This was also a first in that our featured speakers talked with us during the Dinner period affording the opportunity for people outside of our lodge to come in, have a good meal and see what we are all about.

Emily Williard and a group of young ladies presented to us what an initiate into the International Order of Rainbow Girls could look forward to. Andrew Williard and a group of young men offered the same information for what it means to join DeMolay. As I have said many times, Emily and Andrew are the finest representation of our Fraternity of Freemasonry that I know. Polite, courteous, well-spoken and dedicated to service to others.

One thing that struck me and told me we were headed in the right direction during our Stated meeting was the satisfaction I heard from calling our members and talking to them. Neal Holladay told me that even though it took a few hours to contact his list, the response was really gratifying. I also saw attendees at our meeting that we have not seen in a while. I am very happy that Gale Harkness filled in last night as Chaplin and has agreed along with Doug Mason to learn the Masonic Funeral Oration. My goal is to continue to grow our attendees at meetings until we fill our Blue Lodge Room and I hope the events we have planned in the coming months will do just that.

In February, our monthly meeting falls just before Valentine’s day, so in celebration of that we plan a special dinner to encourage all the young ladies we know to attend. The featured speaker will offer a topic not so fun and joyous, but a topic that is becoming a plague in our community and country:

————————————————————————————————————————— —-

You have the occasional alcoholic drink or maybe never drink alcohol at all. You would never smoke a joint, use cocaine, heroin or any other illicit drug. You always follow prescription drug and over the counter drug directions. You don’t know of a family member or friend with an addiction problem. In other words, drug abuse doesn’t affect you. Find out how drug abuse affects us all, whether we realize it or not.

Ava D. Troxler, Executive Director Coalition for Drug Abuse Prevention

Together, Brethren, join me in returning to Lodge Meetings seeing for yourself what Salem Lodge 289 is doing and how we will reach out to our community and make it a better place for all.

George Troxler, Master