Master’s Message March 2017

Master’s Message March 2017

It’s hard to believe it is March. Time flies. So much to do. So, little Time.

March 7, we heard from H.O.P.E of Winston-Salem. Every week this organization dedicates themselves to helping to feed the hungry. I am still incredulous that our part of this nation ranks at the bottom, only Louisiana has more children who do not know when or where their next meal will come from.

How as a nation have we let this happen? The richest nation on earth. We throw away tons of food every day. Yet, children go to school to learn and they arrive hungry. They are stuck at home on weekends without access to places that can provide them with nutritious food.

Food deserts are primarily in the poor areas of our city. Places where food is a bag of chips and a soft drink without transportation or money. Every Saturday volunteers make bag lunches and pack bags of produce to deliver to these areas on Sunday. 1,100 lunches on average. Salem Lodge 289 will provide a minimum of 4 people along with Brothers from Prince Hall Lodges in our community to participate in this Food Truck Caravan on Sunday, May 5, 2017 from 12:15 PM to 4:30 PM.

I will be there and I have faith the rest of you will be there too. Brother Tim Baker is heading this project. Please contact him for more details.

(240) 515-7180


HOPE is also working on building a new facility in the Kimberly Park area of town and next door will be a state-of-the-art hydroponics farm. HOPE is asking for willing hands and backs to help when we get closer to their opening.

South Fork Elementary School still weighs heavily on my mind and heart. Again, poverty prevents our children from breaking into a life of happiness and success, just like we wish for all our children. We have now 7 Collection boxes around town for the public to contribute everything from socks, toothbrushes, books, notebooks, personal hygiene products. The level of success varies. The locations where the owners have a vested interest, meaning they actually went to that school as children are doing well. Other places, no contributions. Maybe as we get to the time of the year when school restarts we will see more.

I have been offered the opportunity to use the Masonic Center to put together a fundraising project or perhaps an appreciation dinner for the teachers at South Fork Elementary. A truly successful fundraiser will take a good 6 months of planning, so between now and the Fall, I would like your input to how we can showcase this and showcase our commitment as Masons. Contact me. 336-768-0588 (H) or 336-4087892(Cell).

Before I forget. When you see our Lodge Secretary, Clifford Pranke, you need to say THANK YOU! He has been your Chef. Also Thanks to Derek Frosh, Neal Holladay and Gray Harper.

Coming up, April 4 our Guest Speaker will be the Most Worshipful Graham Pervier who will regale us on Jurisprudence. There is no one better qualified. Don’t miss this.

April 7 is BBQ TIME!!! THE BIG FUNDRAISER for our Lodge. I am asking, telling, pleading that you make a personal commitment to this project. Call in Sick! Take a Vacation, whatever. We need PRE-SALES for 10 or more BBQ Plates delivered to area businesses that day at lunch. So, that is up to you. Get out and sell. We also need workers, drivers, cleaners, hushpuppy fryers and plate makers. Brother Kevin Satornino is running this. He will b e sending out contact info and plans.

So much to do and So little Time.