Master’s Message June 2017

Master’s Message June 2017  Salem Lodge 289

Brothers, I have missed you terribly, but I have not missed your prayers and well wishes. I wasn’t planning on anything going wrong on April 28, 2017. I entered the hospital for a routine heart catherization. No big deal – they did that to me back in 2001. I was under anesthesia, but still aware, because I heard my Heart Surgeon attempt to enter through my right wrist. Then I heard Nope!

That’s not going to work. Next, he tried my right groin and couldn’t get to where he needed to be. Twice on the left groin and finally opting to insert a catheter into my femoral artery with the intent of fishing up the artery to my heart. That worked. I have a stent in both main arteries – so clear sailing for blood in both directions. The problem was the catheter punctured both sides of the artery. I ended with a massive hematoma and after hours of work, the catheter was pulled out. I was sent home the next morning with the promise I would be fine in 3-4 days. Saturday night I was back in the Emergency Room because my stomach was bruised and continuing to swell and incredible pain. I was again sent home a little after midnight telling me the Ultra Sound showed the artery was not leaking.

The next morning the pain and swelling continued and calls to Nurses on call said Sorry, we cant prescribe anything for pain and you will just have to see the doctor on Monday.  Monday morning about 9:30 AM, the artery broke. Blood poured under my skin and swelled tremendously. At the ER, Doctors seemed clueless, until my wife strongly insisted they get the Cardio people to me now. One came in and per my wife turned white as a sheet and said there was nothing they could do and to get a Vascular Surgeon now. Doctor Phillip Moore did surgery immediately on the worst case like this I have ever seen. He told me later, You were dying and I prayed to God for help to stop the bleeding. I lost 3-4 liters of blood. I ended up with an 8-inch incision and a ShopVac attached to my wound. Totally helpless for the next week I depended on my wife and friends and my Brothers, like to pray for me and help me. My recovery is SLOW and my patience is missing.

I talked to God a lot and also my wife had to deal with almost losing her job because the County decided to cut funding. My granddaughter’s father died in Hospice in Sanford, NC. God puts all you can bear on you to teach you an important lesson. You are never alone. God is always there. Friends are always there. My Brother Masons are always there. Thank You. Always remember Brothers, what you do for others, no matter how small, makes a huge difference.


-George Troxler

Master, Salem Lodge 289