Master’s Message October 2017

Master’s Message October 17, 2017. You missed something special.

Brothers, this is an opportunity I could not pass up. If you missed Salem Lodge 289’s Third Degree last night, Im sorry, because you missed a lesson in Freemasonry. When you first made your application to join the Lodge and become a Mason, how much did you want that? How much were your willing to present your frailties for all to see? How hard were you willing to work?

Last night, Tuesday, October 17, our newest Master Mason completed a journey that has been the hardest thing I have ever tried to do as he confided to me. You see, this young man has endured a lifetime of ridicule and having people assume because he has a stuttering condition that he is dumb as he expressed it. He is anything but that. He knows his catechisms well thanks to the amazing job done by his coach and mentor and thanks to his persistence and attitude and willingness to trust his Brothers. All he wanted was to become a member of Salem Lodge 289 and now that is history.

What is required to be a Master Mason in my Lodge is very true and simple to me. To begin with, a good man, who is honest and has a passion to help others and do good wherever the need may be. Second a solid belief in a Divine Deity that means his trust in that power means his word is true. Third the desire and commitment to learn the valuable lessons that are found herein and the knowledge that as we work together we can accomplish anything.

Next month, on November 7th my Lodge meets to elect a new line of Officers. I become a Past Master. My Lodge is in great hands. As I told them last night I am extremely proud of Salem Lodge 289.


-George Troxler, MASTER 2017