Masters Message November 2017

Masters Message November 2017

Brothers, I have just one more Stated Meeting and I’m done as Master for 2017. Now is the time to reflect back on how our Lodge has done. Have we progressed? Have we grown? Have we let the community know who we are? Have we lived up to our obligations as Masons?

Before I answer, I need to thank some Brothers: First and foremost, Worshipful Brother Clifford Pranke, our Secretary, who has the patience of that guy in the Bible. No, not Hiram Abiff, Job. God tested Job and I did the same to Cliff. Next all of my Officers: Senior Warden, Bryan Lee; Junior Warden, Derek Frosh; Senior Deacon, Stephen Wood; Junior Deacon, Gray Harper; Chaplain, Benton Williams; Stewards, Neal Holladay; Chris Freeman; Treasurer, Bobby Perdue and all the rest of you who stepped up and filled in whenever needed. Past Masters, who thankfully, are always there when needed. I leaned heavily on all of you – Worshipfuls – Rocky Boyles; David Grubbs; Richard Lambert; Ronnie Bailey; Gerald Wood; Jason Anderson.  Last, but certainly not least is all of you, who I did not mention by name. Your support and presence were never out of my sight. Brothers, like Rodney Bennett, who returned to us after living in Pennsylvania and immediately jumped in to help wherever needed.

How are we doing? We have steadily added new Master Masons. Check that as growing. We have contributed to the welfare of our Widows and Brothers in need. Check that as meeting our obligations to our Worthy Brothers. We have raised funds through Masonic BBQs and presented checks to Masonic Children’s Home in Oxford and Masonic Retirement Home in Greensboro. Check that as meeting our historical obligations to Masonic Charities. We have branched out in support of worthy endeavors in our community for the good of all. South Fork Elementary School is eternally grateful for our continuing efforts to support the needs of students and Teachers. H.O.P.E. of Winston-Salem is most grateful for our efforts to feed hungry children. Check that for letting the community who we are.

We are a Lodge that is an example of what Freemasonry is supposed to be in so many ways. Our membership reflects that. Our community sees that. Other Lodges know that. I have heard many accolades over my course as Master and I am so proud of who you are and who we are. Earlier this year I was humbled to receive the Grand Cross of Color from the International Order of Rainbow Girls, an honor not lightly given. This was in recognition of our support of Rainbow Girls. I have the Cross on a ribbon, but it is for each of you.

I did not accomplish all I wanted to do, but my pride on being associated with Salem Lodge 289 makes up for that.

I applaud our newly elected Officers for 2018 and pledge my support in any way needed. Bryan Lee, Master; Derek Frosh, Senior Warden; Stephen Wood, Junior Warden; Cliff Pranke, Secretary and Bobby Perdue, Treasurer.

George Troxler, Master