Lodge History

Salem Lodge No. 289 History

The first meeting of Salem Lodge No. 289 (under dispensation) was held on May 25, 1868, with the following charter members present:

J.W. Hunter, Master

A.C. Meinung, Senior Warden

C.S. Hauser, Junior Warden

H.W. Barrow, Treasurer

A.F. Pfohl, Secretary

W.J. Cooper, Senior Deacon

W.F.Carmichael, Junior Deacon

Angustus Fogle, Tyler

The Charter of Salem Lodge is dated December 10, 1868 and the original, which was issued by the Grand Lodge, now occupies a prominent place in our Lodge Room when lodge is in session. Salem Lodge originally started with eight members and during the year 1868 received one petition for the degrees. At the time of this writing, the membership was approximately 250.

Salem Lodge has met in ten different locations since it was originally chartered, the first place of meeting being in the J. L. Faulkerson Store Building (twice remodeled), now owned by the Scrimger Estate and located on the West side of South Main Street, approximately 130 feet North of Academy Street, which is in the heart of Old Salem.

Salem Lodge was organized when the town of Salem was a very small village, immediately following the Civil War, and managed to survive during the trying years which followed and continued to grow along with the community, its members being closely associated with every phase of the community life during that time. Although the membership suffered a loss during the depression years in the early 30’s along with all other civic and fraternal organizations, it has in recent years, under excellent leadership, continued to grow until it is the largest of the four Masonic lodges in the city.

In 1955, a new facility was built at 34 Miller Street in Winston-Salem and became the FIRST and ONLY Masonic Temple ever erected in Winston-Salem that was owned and controlled by Masons, being owned equally by the “Blue Lodges and the York and Scottish Rite Bodies” without power of succession.

In 2013, the building and property were sold and property acquired on Country Club Road for a new building for the various organizations. It is anticipated that the new facility will be complete in early 2015.